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A God Inspired Story

Our business began with a heartfelt desire to share the light and love of God with the world. We believe the rising of fragrance is a beautiful way of offering prayer and praise to God. Our goal is to create premium luxury home fragrances that not only smell amazing but remind you of the love and peace that comes from living a life rooted in faith. We hope our candles are not just products, but tools to help you connect with your faith during meditation, prayer and worship bringing peace to your life. 



Our mission is to fill your home with fragrances that uplift the spirit and creates an atmosphere of peace and reverence. Handcrafted with care and prayer, we strive to bring moments of peace, hope, and enduring beauty into your life.


A world where fragrance becomes a conduit for spiritual reflection. Our vision is to redefine home environments with  candles that not only enhance spaces with their captivating essence but also elevate moments of tranquility and connection.

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